Jefferson Hammond Photography

I am a landscape photographer currently based on the west coast of the Scottish Highlands.

With over 30 years experience, I would describe myself as a traditional photographer who learned their craft through working with film and developing prints in the darkroom. Working this way instills a strong belief in the importance of engaging with your subject and getting as much right in camera as possible. Although the technology and equipment we use may have change, the essential art and craft of photography has not.

Currently my main area of interests as a photographer lie in monochrome landscape photography with much of my current work involving the exploration of the landscapes around the Isle of Skye and the western fringes of the Scottish Highlands.

In my images, I tend to try to seek out the details that lie in the patterns and textures that can define a landscape's character, with my images attempting to portray an attraction that goes beyond the traditional notions of scenic beauty

My interests also go beyond monochrome landscapes, having over the past 30 years gained a wealth of experience covering many aspects of photography. As such, I am available to undertake a wide range of commissions ranging from commercial work to events & portraits.

I am also available to provide tuition, workshops & presentations on a wide range of photography topics.